FacilitationAre you leaving the critical outcomes of your most important teams and their meetings to chance?

Hiring Performance Development Network as an outside facilitator is a sound business decision.

And if you are looking for a truly engaging speaker for your next conference or in-house program-one that brings groups to life with highly interactive programs-then we should talk.

Groups often have problems achieving their goals. In fact, when passionate professionals with divergent ideas come together, they often are challenged to even agree on a common purpose, let alone get through a planned agenda or achieve important goals.

Even the best leaders can get bogged down with group process when they are too close to the issues and too invested in the outcomes. Yet, if people don’t participate in and “own” the solutions to the problems they face, or fail to agree upon decisions, they will seldom fully engage in implementation.

Too often meetings drag on, problems and their potential solutions get lost in discussion, decisions are delayed, emotional fences are erected, grudges are borne, customers are lost, while time and money waste away … Expert Facilitation can help you break away from these patterns.

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Our ability to assist you with important, complex, emotional, and sometimes heated conversations makes us uniquely qualified to help with your high-stakes meetings. We provide what you need most to create a safe place to have even the most difficult discussions:

  • Neutrality and Flexibility
  • Organized and Skilled in Group Dynamics
  • Evoke Participation and Collaboration
  • Group Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills
  • Creative Processes and Effective Methods
  • Distinguish Process from Content clarity, calm and courage to Manage “Drama”
  • Improved Documentation and Facilitated Accountability
  • The Art of Knowing “The Next Right Question to Ask”
  • Structure and Follow-Through to Get Ideas Implemented

Don’t put your organization at risk.

Let Performance Development Network’s experienced facilitators help you succeed without all the frustration, heartache, and wasted time and money.