Team Development

(ad-vent'cher) n. an exciting experience

(temwûrk') n. Cooperative effort by the members of a group or team to achieve a common goal. 

Put them together and you have Team Building Adventures! Fun, exciting challenges to achieve your goals and develop leadership, trust, communication, and teamwork. PDN instructors have been successfully facilitating team building programs in Central Illinois for more than 15 years, serving thousands of youth and adults each year-literally from teams of sixth graders to CEOs. 

team buildingOur methods are nontraditional. The compelling nature of PDN programs builds camaraderie and group effectiveness quickly. Unlike most training, our programs can create sustainable results. Our "classroom" is non-traditional, too! We can bring Team Building Adventures to YOU or take you to Rock Springs Center in Decatur, Illinois. Depending on program style and location, we can accommodate groups from 10-200 or more people.

As with all our services, results are evident quickly because people begin to focus on both organization and individual achievement. They get clear on the goals, roles, and rules of the group or organization, which has a positive impact on working relationships. This focus on individual accountability for group performance is a powerful component for team building.

Outdoor Challenge Course
We operate a low-ropes challenge course at Rock Springs Center for Environmental Discovery, which also offers 1,343 acres of forest, prairie, and wetlands, 8.5 miles of hiking trails, 2.2 miles of the Rock Springs/Fairview Park Bicycle Trail, two picnic pavilions, and the Homestead Prairie Farm historic site.  The Rock Springs Visitor's Center offers meeting rooms and features historic and environmental displays. There are two pavilions and the rooms in the Visitor's Center are available for rent.

Rock Springs is part of the Macon County Conservation District. Conservation District sites also feature a number of attractions for public use including hiking and riding trails, picnic areas, camp grounds, and more. Visitors to Conservation District sites can expect to see numerous wildflowers like spring beauties and blazing star. Keep a sharp eye and you may also see white-tailed deer, a great blue heron, or possibly even a migrating bald eagle.

Transfer of Learning
When a workshop does not address the root cause of performance problems, then maybe you need something other than a workshop. We receive frequent calls from business managers, group leaders, and school administrators asking if we provide “team building” or workshops on topics including “conflict management”, “problem-solving & decision-making,” and “effective meetings”.  Of course, we can provide this type of training; just about anyone can. Before we agree to such an engagement we ask a few questions of our own to make sure we can meet both your expectations and your needs.

We don’t want to just “wow” you with our presentation skills, provide printed materials, inspire you for the day, and then hope for the best. You can find that type of training anywhere. We want our clients to experience a measurable Return On Investment. We want to help you transfer learning from the work shop to your work floor. Please take time to complete our Team Objectives Questionnaire.

Contact us to find out how you can achieve these results in your organization!

team building

Customized Programs
On-site programs are typically customized group processes to meet your unique needs. These include engaging activities coupled with discussions to ensure practical applications following the experience. A few examples of our unique activities include Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine ®, Pelican Island, Escape from the Computer, Performance Vehicles, and more.

Our experience is this:

  • When a group of people working together share a clear understanding of the same goals;
  • When they each understand their individual (or business unit, classroom) roles related to those goals;
  • When they are “playing” by the same set of rules (written and unwritten);
  • When these three things are made clear and shared among team members, relationships are more productive, positive, and focused on results.  In fact, relationships, conflict, diversity, and all that goes with them, become productive elements of learning, creativity, innovation, and performance.

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